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Hawx Stops delivery until partner is found

Dear Customers,

Dear Customers Over the two last years, Hawx has developed and innovated well beyond any other company. The results are now the standard for the future. These new tools advance behavioral training and provide new methods to be a more effective dog trainer.

In the last year, Hawx proved that the market was ready for change with over 1,000 units sold. There is no doubt the Hawx DG remote technology was a complete success. In addition, it lead to the invention of the Hawx slice; the first smart phone based system.

With success, we faced the reality of large cash flow requirement in order to stock and inventory products. As we are a small company, we felt that it was not possible to effectively operate based of the steep demand curve.

At this time we are not going to order more inventory until we find a financial partner, or integrate with a larger partner. This may include licensing the complete product line or selling it.

There is no doubt that our efforts and our customers have created a new demand and direction in dog training. In the next weeks, we look forward to speaking with any companies you may know who would like to capitalize on this new growth market in the dog training sector.

This new company will provide the foundation to bring these new products to market. Our technologies are patented under a number of US patents.

For enquires about purchasing these technologies, licensing or taking over the existing product line please email info@hawxdoggun.com. There is no doubt this technology provides a great opportunity.

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